The Not Sorry Club is a non-profit organization that encourages women to live utterly unapologetically.
We’re inspiring women to stop saying ‘sorry’ unnecessarily, and grow their confidence and self-appreciation.

The Not Sorry Club primarily operates from this website and our Instagram page (@Not.Sorry.Club) and was launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, just before Christmas in December 2020.

Based in the UK, our Instagram page is where we reach a global community of women with our posts, polls, and inspiring stories.
One of the key components of the Not Sorry Club is the Not Sorry Challenge.
Find out more about the Not Sorry Challenge here.

In the future, the Not Sorry Club will hold meetings in secret locations to build a global sisterhood.
We’ll unpack why we think we say sorry so much in different parts of our lives, build confidence, hold workshops, and create allyshops worldwide.
Sign up here if you’re interested in our future events.

Meet the #NotSorryClub Founder

Hi, I’m Betty, and the proud founder of the Not Sorry Club.

I’m based near the coast of the UK in beautiful Suffolk, and grew up in London.

For more than 15 years, I’ve worked with women from different backgrounds, places, and from different walks of life. These women have been C-level executives, entrepreneurs, my colleagues, collaborators, mentees, programmers, graphic designers, professors, and more. These women are badass, and I mean that in the traditional sense of the term. These are awesome, inspiring, talented, intelligent women.
But I saw so many of these women hold themselves back. Apologising. Not saying what they wanted to say. Not being who they want to be.
In so many cases, I hear women saying ‘sorry’ A LOT, and that’s something I wanted to change.
As a serial apologiser myself, the Not Sorry Club is as much for me as for other women because it helps keep me in check.
I want to see women thrive and soar. One way to encourage that evolution is to remove the word that weighs us down and that is the S word.

After a 1 month sabbatical in Bali with a group of 18 ambitious and driven women, I wanted to bring that sense of community, female empowerment and support with me back to the UK. And so, the Not Sorry Club was born.

I confess, there was some deliberation (Should I launch this idea? Shouldn’t I? What use will it do?). But in the end I decided to stop being apologetic, and just DO IT.
After a few weeks of launching, we were invited for an interview on BBC Radio Suffolk, our community is steadily growing, and we get messages from women thanking us for what we’re doing. I am so pleased that I didn’t hold the Not Sorry Club back. Good things happen when we live unapologetically.

Fellowship Opportunities Email us on infonotsorryclub@gmail[dot]com and we'll send you a Fellow Form

We’re looking for women who believe in our mission, and want to inspire other women to live unapologetically.
As a Fellow, you’ll be involved in shaping the future of the Not Sorry Club, be invited to our meetings, and have the opportunity to do good in women’s lives. Get in touch to find out more, and say why you want to join us.