The Founder's Story

The Not Sorry Club inspires women to regain their confidence by leaving their ‘sorry’s at the door.

My name is Betty Adamou, I’m an entrepreneur, and this is how I started a movement.

In 2019, I was inspired by my 1 month sabbatical in Bali to start an all-female club.
I had spent 9 years running my own business, and needed a break.
But not just any break – I wanted to be with like-minded people and be inspired by their work, stories and lives. 
I found a great programme called Unsettled, and I spent 30 days with a diverse group of
18 ambitious, creative, intelligent, funny, talented women from all corners of the Earth.

In that month, we talked, laughed, and elevated one another.
By the end of our 30 days, we created a global sisterhood (and are still in touch today).

On my return back to England, I thought about how to replicate that supportive and powerful group I found in Bali.
I thought about creating a group to include women of a similar mind-set where I live,
where we could talk openly and be our true selves.
We’ll talk about everything and anything – we’ll elevate each other, laugh and cry, and create new friendships across the globe.

So, I texted a friend about the idea – a long text. You know, one of those that looks like a mini-essay.
Instinctively, and straight after, I texted her: “Sorry, I’m feeling very revolutionary right now”.
Then I texted “NOT SORRY. That’s the first thing to go actually.
No one (in the club) apologies for saying how they feel/really think.”

Then I realised – OMG. It’s the Not Sorry Club.

Text ScreenGrab1
A screen grab of a text message exchange between two people

What happened next?

For the next week, I kept thinking about the Not Sorry Club.
I became really conscious of how much I say ‘sorry’, and I realised, it was a lot.
Whether I did so because it’s a British thing or a female thing, I don’t know.
But very time I caught myself wanting to say sorry or even display apologetic mannerisms or the one of my voice, I cut that shit right out.
In that one week, there were dozens of occasions that I stopped myself from saying the S word; dozens more times where I was unapologetically me and music more confident – and no doubt people receiving me in a more more confident way.

 Every time I eliminated ‘sorry’ from an email, text or conversation, not only did I feel better,
but I felt much more like myself, and confident. It felt incredible.
I felt lighter.
It felt like a superpower.
I decided I want more women to feel this way.

And so, the Not Sorry Club was born.