Tales of Female Badassery podcast Series 1 has dropped!

We listened, and we acted.

Many of you who listened to our 6-part BBC Radio Suffolk series said you wanted longer discussions of inspiring content, and so the
The Tales of Female Badassery podcast was born!

We’ve interviewed eight women from different parts of the globe to share everyday acts of female badassery.
We are hungry for inspiring stories, and this podcasts gives us that in spades.

We’ve recorded all episodes, and are releasing them on a weekly basis.

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Next podcast episode will air on Tuesday!
We have 8 episodes to air in total.

All published episodes available via Spotify, Deezer and many more podcast platforms here.
Available on Apple Podcasts here.

Episode 1: with Danielle Todd

Episode 2: with Ayrïd Chandler

Episode 3: with Annie Pettit

Episode 4: with Tsholo Semenya

Episode 5: with Michelle Murphy

Episode 6: with Jayne Odell

About Tales of Female Badassery

We’ve all heard those urban myths;

The woman in the meeting that refused to take the notes.

Or the guy that asked the woman ‘can you make the tea?’, and she’s the CEO, so…no.
Such myths have inspired a generation of women to create boundaries, speak up, be bolder, and live unapologetically.

But, for many of us, those stories seem like just that – stories. Fairytales. Myths.

The Tales of Female Badassery podcast brings stories of everyday acts of badassery to life, from the voices of women in different parts of the world, different professions, and different journeys.
These are women living unapologetically, and are inspiring examples of Female Badassery.

As women, we are hungry for such stories of female Badassery.
So, the more women share their stories of confidence and boldness, the more real, accessible, and inspiring those stories become for other women and girls.
After all, you cannot become what you cannot see, or in our case, you can’t become what you can’t hear about (through this podcast!)

A note from the Founder of the Not Sorry Club, Betty Adamou:
“This is a podcast I wish I had access to when I was younger, when I was seeking my own voice and trying to set boundaries.

I’m thrilled that Series 1 of Tales of Female Badassery is now REAL – from a small seed of an idea, to now have eight episodes of inspiring stories.

We hope all women can enjoy this podcast, and feel inspired and empowered to be utterly unapologetic, and raise the next generation of women to never hide themselves.
Our mantra at the Not Sorry Club is ‘Be Utterly Unapologetic and Do No Harm’ – and these stories from 8 different women align with exactly that. Enjoy”

-Betty Adamou x


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